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Location: Birthday Party
Date: Sunday, 1/30/2022
Time: 2:00 PM - 4:00 p
Duration: 120 minutes
Seats Available: 50
Purchase Deadline: Sunday, 1/23/2022 11:59 PM

STEP 2: Select the correct price for your party:

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Birthday Party Package$399.00
Birthday Party Member Package$374.00Login

STEP 3: Enter the expected number of guests (up to 18 children and 25 adults):

This Event includes up to 43 free guests:
Birthday Party Guest$0.00

STEP 4: Enter any additional paid guests you may have. These are guests in addition the 18 free children or 25 free adults included with the party. (if you don't yet know, we can take care of this the day of!):

Total Price: $399.00

STEP 5: If this is a Birthday Party tell us more about whose birthday we are celebrating:


Age (they are celebrating)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  (aka, the fine print) 

Capacity: Daily admission fees apply to guests in excess of the free guests included with your party ($6 per extra guest) 

Duration: 2 hours in the party room (allowed 30 minutes set-up in room prior to party) Extra hours are an option subject to availability. 3-hr party runs 1.5x the cost of the 2-hr party   

Staffing: 1 MOD Party Assistant. Extra staff is available for an additional fee of $50 per staff member.    

Food: You are welcome to bring in your own food and cakes for your party. We can provide recommendations in the area if you are interested in ordering any items. MOD will provide refrigeration for cakes at no charge. Food must be served and consumed in the party room.    

Decorations: You are also welcome to provide and set up your own personal decorations in our party room. Timing of set up must be arranged with our MOD Party Coordinator. We do not allow latex/ rubber balloons inside the Museum (mylar is OK) and request that tacks and nails are not used for decoration to ensure that the integrity of our walls are maintained. Tape is fine!

Gifts: You are welcome to bring and open gifts in the party room. However, please be aware that there is a specified amount of time allowed in the party room and there may not always be time for opening gifts. 

Clean-Up: We kindly request that you have guests throw away their tableware before leaving the party room. And please be mindful of the ending time of your party so that our employees can promptly clean up the party room for the next event and/or closing.

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 50% of your base party cost is due at the time of booking. The remainder will be due 7 days prior to the party.    

Mask Regulation: Masks are required during your party, unless in the party room enjoying food/ cake.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds minus the non-refundable deposit will be given with minimum 7-day notice. No refunds will be given with less than 7-days notice of cancellation.

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